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Default Re: What is the point, or meaning of life?

Originally Posted by BassDriver View Post
...I had that thought to, not mixed well...

...Maynard is very mysterious, performing live he is known to face the back of the stage, he is against the whole cliche rockstar celebrity imagery of "sex, drugs and rock 'n roll" and whatnot... earlier drum teacher explained to me that Tool is almost completely written by/for the guitar player, very guitar oriented...
Yes, to our ears it wasn't mixed well but these guys know what they're doing. It would make sense to drown Maynard out if he couldn't sing or wrote weak lyrics, but he can carry a tune with passion and the words are strong for what they are (dark poetry).

So you think it's a reaction against the hierarchical singer-as-star ethos? They seem to be keen on the whole subculture tribal thing and and only want to reach those who'll take the time to be actively interested. Clearly they don't care about mass appeal.

The treated vocals in the background do sound ethereal - that whole "mysterious" thing you were talking about ... but in every song? And that relentless crunching guitar. That's why I like 46 and 2 - they mix things up and the clearer passages sound great, even if Maynard's still down in the mix.

Can't help wondering if the guitarists have just been overpowering PAs with their stacks for decades and now they think that's what music should sound like :)
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