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Default Re: Does anyone find it hard to get off drummerworld and get to bed.

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post

Wy, you need to get out more mate.....there's a cold beer waiting across the border....come down and grab it. The 'second' city will make you most welcome!

Hot alright......44 here yesterday.....30 as an overnight low! 34 today thank christ. [Quick edit: the cool change is here.....heaven]

As for DW......I'm on a computer all day and into the night for work anyway, so it's easy to come in and out.......too easy it seems, 4 months and 550 posts!! It's ridiculous I tells ya!
Such a great place though......never mixed with so many drummers it!!
Need a cold beer in Syd too (havinf a Corona with lime as I type). It's about 30C here and humid as. You guys and the Crows really do get beaten up in summertime. 30C minimum ... tough medicine. Pity those without aircon or a fan.

I'm hearing you ... I live behind a screen too. In all those years of playing I only ever got to know a pretty small number of drummers, and most of them pretty cursorily. There are so many good people here and I'm catching up for 25 years of lost time with my gazillion posts in the past year (and reading about ten times that)

Ah, the web is such a boon for the gauche :)
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