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Default Re: Does anyone find it hard to get off drummerworld and get to bed.

Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
The only devices turned on in my flat now are: Fridge, fan and this pc. I am not watching TV or anything. I've been practicing on my pad since I took a shower after waking up this morning. I take a minute break and check the forum. I have to do some washing as well but it's too stinking hot to hang clothes on the line now. I began practice at 9.30 am. It's now 3.03 pm. I have no plans to stop. :-)

Back to it!
Originally Posted by Garvin View Post
We need to have an intervention for you!

Wy, you need to get out more mate.....there's a cold beer waiting across the border....come down and grab it. The 'second' city will make you most welcome!

Hot alright......44 here yesterday.....30 as an overnight low! 34 today thank christ. [Quick edit: the cool change is here.....heaven]

As for DW......I'm on a computer all day and into the night for work anyway, so it's easy to come in and out.......too easy it seems, 4 months and 550 posts!! It's ridiculous I tells ya!
Such a great place though......never mixed with so many drummers it!!
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