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Originally Posted by PMcCMusic View Post
As with any instrument,..most often, it's what you DON'T play that counts.

Yes this is so true but try to tell some drummer who thinks his latest paradiddle variation should and needs to be on your latest pop song in order to make that song interesting. Many drummers fail to understand that most people do not really care about the drums.

Why any drummer would think that fills every 4 or 8, turning the beat around,..fancy hihat shit, cool in pop/rock,..beyond me....
But you do,...I know you're out there guys,...LOL!!

Sadly, more than one might think. But it's cool because the ones who overplay and think music is not about music at all but about drumming, rarely work at a pro level. Leaving more gigs for the mature players.

There is nothing more annoying than trying to solo or sing with that shit in the way.
Trust me,..your band feels this way,..they just won't tell you because drummers are rarer than you think.
You always know when a drummer has chops,...they can't help

It is a nightmare! And it happens too often. The better drummers know their chops are not as important as the music. I like to use a local Sydney drummer who tries to never show the extent of his chops. If the music requires loads of technique fair enough. The Beatles music did not require fusion drumming, and existed before fusion.

Ringo NEVER overplayed and I think most drummers miss that concept.

This is a subject that has been coming up here recently.

Nice to read another musicians thoughts.
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