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Default Re: Does anyone find it hard to get off drummerworld and get to bed.

Originally Posted by jjmason777 View Post
Just one question. When do you people actually play drums? I've been a member of DW for 3 years now, and look at my post count...
IMO, if you spend more time on DW than playing, then your priorities are backwards. Maybe that's just me. I don't know. Never-mind, I gotta go tinker with my new kit!

The only devices turned on in my flat now are: Fridge, fan and this pc. I am not watching TV or anything. I've been practicing on my pad since I took a shower after waking up this morning. I take a minute break and check the forum. I have to do some washing as well but it's too stinking hot to hang clothes on the line now. I began practice at 9.30 am. It's now 3.03 pm. I have no plans to stop. :-)

Back to it!
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