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Default Re: What is the point, or meaning of life?

What is it with Tool? Maynard is always so far down in the mix I can never work out what he's saying. I had to look up the lyrics to get your point (yeah, it's exactly the same observation).
...I had that thought to, not mixed well...

...Maynard is very mysterious, performing live he is known to face the back of the stage, he is against the whole cliche rockstar celebrity imagery of "sex, drugs and rock 'n roll" and whatnot... earlier drum teacher explained to me that Tool is almost completely written by/for the guitar player, very guitar oriented...

I also wish they didn't have that grunty metal-sounding guitar in every single track.
...actually quite like it when the guitar sound was different for a few songs; Jambi, Reflection, Disposition, Right in Two, Forty Six and Two, apart from those kind of songs...the gain is glued to number 10... the tabla solos in Forty Six and Two and the drumming is very musical, odd-time grooves with flourishes in parts where they suit the changes of the song... is good for a drummer's musicality when they learn another instrument (in Danny Carey's case, tabla and synth)...
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