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Default Re: What is the point, or meaning of life?

Gawd, I'm even speaking with a French accent - he "feel" off ze perch. Sorry, the humour's a bit black for a respectable family forum and I'm sure sweet, innocent George would be horrified.

My impression is that the Italians and French do more or less the same thing, just that the Italians do it more and are less fussy about it.
I understand it...there is this thrill of somekind associated with seeing "breaking news" on the TV... is only once it really happens to us that we change...atleast in madness I see humanity...duality, another philosophical concept

If you are interested by that "breaking news" concept listen to Tool's Vicarious, it is about experiencing destruction vicariously.

The song really happens at 0:55...and great musicianship, love that odd-time and that stringy, warm melodic bass line of a bass player that doesn't know his place.
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