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Default Re: circa 1971 pic of Bob Da Druma

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
The mug hasn't changed, and I'll bet you could still get into those jeans too!

Geez Bob you look like you could have fit inside your floor tom!

What the heck were you doing with your drum set out on the lawn?

Too loud for the house?

What were you listening to then?
I remember frequently setting up and playing outside. I liked the sound of the drums as they echoed through the neighborhood. A friend of mine used to sometimes bring his kit over and we would play and do trade offs outside. I still like outdoor gigs the best. I play a lot of outdoor things to this day.
I probably only weighed about 110 lbs back then. My three younger sisters and I were all thin. I had a 28 inch waist! I was 5'11"
I was into The Beatles, Black Sabbath, The Allman Bros, And Chicago. I also liked Herb Alpert.
I had played the trumpet for a while.
I kind of like old drums:)
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