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Default Re: What is the point, or meaning of life?

Originally Posted by Skulmoski View Post
wy yung, I think the answer varies from person to person. The meaning of life also has a temporal element in that it changes for that person depending upon what stage of life he/she is living.

For me, I was crazy about drumming and performing 30 years ago. Then it was mountaineering. Then I was focused on finishing graduate school. Etc. All these things gave me meaning at some point in my life. Marriage and a daughter came along and they are now my focus. Going puddle jumping with my daughter gave great meaning to our lives last month.

Take care wy yung

That image has to be photoshopped! It doesn't rain in places where they speak Arabic! :D

There's a cavernous chasm between the meaning of life and what your life is meant for. The meaning of life is to beget more life, whether it be through procreation, nurturing/raising or a combination of the two. Rabbits make more rabbits.

However, that's just the physical side of it. Emotionally, we're here to fulfill ourselves and those around us. For some it's curiosity, others it's a drive to better the world.... sadly, many are content with not doing much beyond satisfying themselves. But if you teach, you aid, you push the boundaries and show others what can be done... your life is full.

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