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Default Re: What is the point, or meaning of life?

For we humans and all other animals, the meaning of life is to reproduce the species. How that evolves is left up to a higher being or science depending on your beliefs.
Be self-sufficient, have enough good friends and be as good as a drummer and musician that I can be. That is all.
Those things that you say are the "meanings" in your life are really just means to an end, that if you fulfil your means you will achieve happiness.

That's what life is about for me.

...but what I said can only apply to human life...

I think it is because we as humans can form abstract concepts, dream and have emotions.

I/we simply don't know if that cockroach that Polly stomped on had thought about it's meaning in it's own life, but we do know that it is a sentient being with a brain and sensory apparatus that enables it observe and act with/against/from it's surroundings... what drives it through the day to do cockroach-y things?

That might be the general/universal meaning of life that applies to all of life, not just humans, it just happens that humans can form abstract concepts and occasionally delve into their right-side brain.

It ("general/universal meaning of life") is not an answer even we as humans can answer, and personally I would rather not turn to the idea of some "higher being" to explain that, as even that is out of our grasp/far fetched...

...but then again, perhaps it is happiness that drives us to do the things we do (even including non-humans) and non-human organisms interpret that differently, perhaps seing their own species grow through breeding is what makes them "happy" (in their own way of course)...but really, I think I might still be happy if I didn't give a damn anyway...
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