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Default Re: Living the dream.

The NZ expat bands who played here were always super-classy. I guess they were the cream of the crop, outgrew their local followings and decided to try it in the "big time" in Oz.

Pretty funny since we're such a backwater. A lot of the gear I read about in these pages isn't available in Oz (I've never looked an Istanbul or Petriloo PS4 in "person") and hardly any northern hemisphere companies will do online business with us convicts downunder :(

Whatever, I'm not in the least surprised that the Kiwis are embracing the band.

For everyone else it's a one night happening, a reason to celebrate, for us it's just another day at the office, but you really want to have fun with the folks that made the effort to come out to your show.
There's an art to looking as though you're partying as hard as everyone else while actually drinking at a much slower rate. Not easy to drink slowly when you're on a roll, feel thirsty, and there's a drink in hand. Maybe have the occasional sparkling mineral water (if anyone asks, just say you're thirsty) and excuse yourself at the first possible "acceptable" moment? Then there's always, "Sorry, but I need to sort out my gear" to help move on gracefully.

And yes, fruit and veggies! I'm past the half century mark but I'm often told I look as though I'm in my thirties - despite a youth spent smoking, drinking and generally getting trashed and having late nights. But I always ate lots of fruit and veggies :)
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