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Default Re: Living the dream.

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Nice mix of gigs, jer. Listening to your band's tracks right now and I can see how you guys would go down well in NZ. Great music! Kiwis seem to like that kind of offbeat pop. In Sydney's musical heyday in the 70s and 80s the NZ bands tended towards quirkiness and classy musicianship - Split Enz, DD Smash, Dragon and Crowded House, which was fronted by a Neil Finn from Split Enz. I'm sure you've noticed that Maoris tend to be naturally good singers too.

We were lucky at Milford Sound because there are more rainy days than sunny ones. Even if it's raining I'm sure it will be a buzz.
Crowded House on the radio here in the internet cafe as I type... ha!

Sounds like there was a good sized punk movement here in the 70's-80's as well, but yeah, everyone mentioning the bands you did. Haven't yet experienced much of the Maori culture, but in a lengthy discussion about music with a local last night pointed out the same info about their singing. Thanks for the comp. on the music, people here seem to be diggin it, fully. We've not had a show where where people didn't end up dancing at some point. Dare I say we've getting a following too? Folks we've met along the way have come to more than one show and last night we had 3 different groups of people that we met come out, thay all love dancing, so they usually get the ball rolling on the dance floor - makes gig so much better for me when you know the crowd is feeling it.

KIS - thanks, friend. I didn't really discuss the trip to much before hand on the forums - rather tell it like it is than speculate what it's gonna be like, if that makes any sense...

We are now at the point where we've toured as long as we have in Canada, you really start to see the body pushed to it's limits when indulging in social activities at shows, can't keep it up too much longer, hard when bar tabs are included in the deal, I can sometimes be weak when the party is happening. That's a huge drawback (imo) to doing the bar circuit. For everyone else it's a one night happening, a reason to celebrate, for us it's just another day at the office, but you really want to have fun with the folks that made the effort to come out to your show.

I need to eat more greens, to many fish and chips and van food (pb+j, granola, bananas), should really get a good salad in me...

Cheers everyone.
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