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Default Re: What is the point, or meaning of life?

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Larry, I have to disagree that the meaning of life is to procreate, otherwise my life has little meaning :) It's one thing to bring children into the world but those children need nurturing - waaay into their adulthood. So we nurture one another.

And if drumming has anything in common with normality I'll eat my hat :-P

John, do you moonlight as a yogi by any chance. You are one sage dood
Only as Yogi Bear Polly!
"Smarter than the average Booboo"

Life really is whatever it is. The choice we have ultimately is whether we want to continue doing whatever it is we do.
No matter how one feels about life, good, bad, indifferent, got it going on......I can guarantee all of you that when that knock comes to depart this mortal coil, you wont wanna go.

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