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Originally Posted by boomstick View Post
LOL, your friend might be on to something. It sure had me running for the doors.

Good call on the Rage song at the end of Matrix. Perfect.
Yeah, it's like putting a set together. Was it Maurice Chevalier who said something to the effect of: "If you start and finish with a bang then what happens in between is nobody's business"? (not exact words)

It's not critical, but it helps if the music during the closing credits carries over the flavour of the film (or in the case of The Matrix, enhances it). That bland pop track really killed the mood.

Would have been better if they found some exotic world music (indigenous alien music?) ... but then everyone would have stayed around. As it was, we all sat around talking and were the last to leave. Our singer, who's worked in film, reckoned that it was a game-changer and would be thought of in the same way as the first Star Wars film, which is what some of the critics have been saying.
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