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I agree with the comments here, defiantly the 3D is the main appeal as the story line had a "Dancing with Wolves" sort of feel to it but I thoroughly enjoyed it and it moved at a very steady pace; it did not fell like close to 3 hours.
Just a few things though and they are not criticisms, I think Cameron might have lifted some ideas from other sources such as the bonding with the dragon like creatures; it reminded me very much of how they did it in a trilogy called "The Dragon Riders of Pern".
This was written by Anne McCaffrey and was popular in the 70's amongst science fiction and fantasy readers. The blue Navi made me think of an album by Kenny Young called "Last Stage for Silverworld" which had blue men and Navajo. These are just things I noticed and did not interfere with a very pleasurable movie experience. It will certainly be a game changer as the 3D technology is a step up from the other 3D offerings.
On a different note; congratulations tp the USA junior hockey team who won the junior world title against our Canadian team in overtime, didn't gry much coverage down your way but it is a big deal up here. If only we got that type of action during the regular NHL season. Should be a great tournament at the Olympics.
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