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Default Re: Tama Warlord Masai Kit. Thats right, Kit. Not just snare :)

So this years Christmas was a very good haul for me. My mom and step dad (who finally seems to be supporting me by doing more than just putting up with alllllll the racket) bought me a wonderful Zildjian Avedis Sweet Ride 21" and I must say, that is the dream ride cymbal sound I've always had in my head (for a crashable ride). Its wonderfully diverse.

My best friend and roommate went and got me a wicked little 12" Wuhan china that is the perfect cymbal for quick trashy accents. It's much better than my Max Stax by a mile. I have it similar to Gavin Harrisons 12" china placement and I've been having fun doing alternating china patterns (now i have 3 of 'em).

And my Pops (whom I truly love very dearly) and his girlfriend went and paid for part of my brand spanking new Pearl Demon Drive Double Pedals. (They just came in today and i picked 'em at late this evening so I'm still dialing them in). The DD's are by far the best pedals I've played so far, in all my 16 years of playing. Super customizable and the Z-Link is outta this world. I literally cant feel any difference between my right and left pedals. No lag what so ever. Its like Pearl designed a custom set of pedals for me.

I also filmed a quick video giving a short tour of my kit so you can get a better idea of how I have it set-up. As soon as it's up on youtube I'll post the link here for those that are interested.

Alright so enough yapping, here's some pics! (also I've updated the specs at the bottom of the page)

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Come give us a listen

and a like
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