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Default Re: What is the point, or meaning of life?

Originally Posted by Skulmoski View Post
wy yung, I think the answer varies from person to person. The meaning of life also has a temporal element in that it changes for that person depending upon what stage of life he/she is living.

For me, I was crazy about drumming and performing 30 years ago. Then it was mountaineering. Then I was focused on finishing graduate school. Etc. All these things gave me meaning at some point in my life. Marriage and a daughter came along and they are now my focus. Going puddle jumping with my daughter gave great meaning to our lives last month.

Take care wy yung

This is a beautiful photo... I love it, and I'm saving it!

As far as the meaning of life... I'm pretty sure it has something to do with hitting on chicks in a drum forum.
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