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Default Re: What is the point, or meaning of life?

As to that post, I wasn't directing it toward you, it was more of a general comment (I didn't notice who posted those hours).

The meaning of life for me is to make it big in the band I'm in ( Who knows if we will, who knows how far, but its a very enticing personal goal for me. I'd love to see the world through a band, seeing the sights and playing to new and foreign fans. Muse and Incubus are a huge inspiration on that front.

As far as drumming is concerned, I guess I'm a little like Dom Howard in my approach. I like to be solid and capable of playing and creating in the genres I like, but I don't require myself to be a virtuoso or a "drum legend". That's not my goal in drumming. My goal in drumming is to play music, and have heaps of fun in the process and share the music with people.
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