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Default Re: Bloody drum kit jams...

really?? I absolutely loved the one with Bozzio, Lang, D'Virgilio and (someone else who's name I forget). I thought it was soooo inspiring!! they had some really cool dual drumset/percussion grooves throughout! Same With the Abe Laboriel Jr./ Thomas Pridgen solos. I was so inspired by the latter I went on my kit and had one of the most soulful solo jams for 30 mins straight. it was unbelievable, all I did was take 2 of my 16" crashes, and made them into a set of hats and i was off!

i know for certain on the Lang/Bozzio/D'Virgilio jam you can switch the cam so that you can only view Lang's kit from above.

Come give us a listen

and a like
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