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Quite good comments, brother!

You know, regarding the different drummers that played with The Scorpions, I think that the most technical approached was Rudy Lenners who performed on In Trance and Virgin Killer.

Originally Posted by bonzolead View Post
Not the most technical drummer just very solid which is cool he always played Ludwig & Paiste like a couple drummers we know.

I've seen the Scorps about 6 or 7 times I think they are amazing in concert kinda like a Porsche on the Autobahn doing 200+ MPH..........lots of energy & very tight.

I've like HR always a rock solid beat and just the right amount of fills never over-done.

I always liked "The Same Thril","The Zoo","Lovedrive""Make it real" & Crossfire just to name a few.

The back of beyond ...

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