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Originally Posted by Ian Williams View Post
Herman "The German" Rarebell:

Formerly drummer and key composer for German rock band SCORPIONS. Best known for the period from 1977 to 1995 in albums: Taken by Force Lovedrive Animal Magnetism Blackout Love at First Sting Savage Amusement Crazy World Face the Heat. and live recordings, Tokyo Tapes ~ World Wide Live ~ Live Bites.

Remember those songs: Steamrock Fever, He's a woman - She's a man, Black Out, Can't Live Without You, Loving You Sunday Morning, Bad Boys Running Wild.....

Solid rock drummer with a big stroke.....Comments to share?.....Thanks!
Not the most technical drummer just very solid which is cool he always played Ludwig & Paiste like a couple drummers we know.

I've seen the Scorps about 6 or 7 times I think they are amazing in concert kinda like a Porsche on the Autobahn doing 200+ MPH..........lots of energy & very tight.

I've like HR always a rock solid beat and just the right amount of fills never over-done.

I always liked "The Same Thril","The Zoo","Lovedrive""Make it real" & Crossfire just to name a few.

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