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There use to be a thread on him here somewhere. He's a great drummer. Not flashy or fancy but rock solid and as tight as can be. I saw him a few years back in a restaurant with Kevin Dubrow when Quiet Riot was on tour and playing my area. he was sitting waiting to be seated. I knew it was him right away but I didn't say anything ... the place was packed. He sat a few tables away from us. He ate and took off for the show. I looked at his website that night and sent him an email telling him I saw him blah blah. he wrote back the next day and said the food was great and I should have said hi. yeah. I should have. If there is ever a next time I will do that. I guess the real reason I didn't was because you know... some people don't like it. They want to go and do the things we all do without being hounded or what not. I can respect that. He seems to be a down to earth guy. There after reading his fan letters on his site and reading all of his replies to them.... he's an incredibly nice guy and cares about his fans. I'm sorry I didn't stop him and say hi. He doesn't have his personal website anymore for some reason. I can't find it. But here is his myspace and some other links.
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