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man, am i with you on jon theodore. you're right, that video doesn't do him justice by a long shot.

what i love the most about him is that his beats are so weird structurally and would look pretty darn strange transcribed, but make the music of TMV flow so naturally. in my opinion, he is the mvp of the band, for the fact that without him they would sound sooo different and be infinitely less interesting and provocative with their music.

i also think he blows those guys like virgil donati or dennis chambers out of the water, just for the fact that he can make insane grooves that actually fit a band. it seems to me that a lot of the extremely chops oriented drummers play like they are doing an exercise, while jon plays with such fire and musicality yet still manages to be so fast, intricate, and complex, while supporting a 8 piece band. from what i've heard of the above "chops" drummers, they are kinda of lacking when it comes to supporting or complementing other musicians with a great groove. not to make a blanket statement at all though, just to make a point for discussion that i think these guys are better playing by themselves than with others, which goes against what for me is the litmus test of great musicians.

yes, but if you wanna get a taste of jon theodore, check out anything from the de-loused in the comatorium for some more punkish drumming and especially take a gander at "cassandra gemini" from frances the mute, a 32 minute cut that TMV reportedly did in 1 take.
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