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Default Hello again!

So I havent been here for a little while, but never forgot about this place. As some of you may know, I lost my house to a foreclosure about a year ago. Obviously things are rough these days for alot of good people that just cant seem to make things work.

I happened to join the ranks of folks that lost everything... wife, job, license, son, and a place to live. Thankfully my drums were kept safe at my Mom's house, with just enough room to be set up and played when the mood happened to arise. Its a bit cramped but I thank everything for having thst option. As bad as it sounds... I know that there are others out there that have less and it offers a bit of solice when I m feeling down.

I spent a few months living in my storage unit, then my Blazer, but its pretty damn cold here in South Jersey so I gave in and took a room at a family member's house. It kinda sux but its warm and comfortable so I guess its all good... lol!

Anyway I m rambling here but I (as always) have alot to say/offer so I m just glad to be able to say Hi to everyone. ....


But to at least make a point, the drums helped me through this rough time and never left me, along with the feeling you can get by just jammin out! I m glad to be here and even gladder to be .... a...... DRUMMER!!! ttys, Ian
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