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Hi everybody who loves Chad Kent,
I discovered Atomship accidentally few months ago. My friend, (also veeeery talented and known in the Europe drummer, But I tell U about him later) has been listening them and fascinating very much. I catched a virus... But the original CD is immpossible to find in any store or site in Europe. Afterall I've found "The crash of '47" on U.S. Ebay site and ordered immidiatelly. Can You believe that even in States only few guys got it, and only one has a brand new product? Why nobody knows such a band??? Chad appears to me as one of most tallented drummers in the world. Those drummers who tried to play simetric hi-hats during playing 5/4 metrum, knows what I mean. Does anybody heard those basses in Mothra live? I wonder if he is really able to obtain such speed without triggers??? Its unbelievable. But even if he uses triggers its not a shame for him. Anyway its a disaster Atomship split off. I will popularise them in Poland where I came from, they all are worth it.
And now few promised words for those who really enjoys genious, but not known music. My friends name is Marcin Gołębiewski alias Zabek, those who ever listen grind core band Yattering knows him very well. So, He and few friend gathered and create new project called AntiMotivational Syndrome, A.M.S. for abbreviation, but dont search for them yet, they are still recording in studio now. The first album should appear in february, march this year and it will be called "Corridor". if You enjoy Atomship its certain You will love AMS. I will be shot down for this message...
Sorry for my terrible english, cheerz!!!!

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