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Very true.
I read that article and another, regarding Dave Holland attempted rape to a teenage boy when He was teaching him (the boy) drumming classes for a sort of time. An strongly reason for me, not to create a - thread - about Dave Holland.

Back to Les Binks. He is a drummer with an extraordinary determination to play.


Originally Posted by ChrisCirino View Post
Though I love what Scott Travis is doing, Les' is definitely my favorite Priest drummer. I wore out "Unleashed in the East" trying to copy his licks when I was a teenager. My current band plays several of Priest's Binks era tunes and I always try to remain faithful to his interpretation. I guess If they fired him to go in a new direction ala Dave Holland, they certainly suceeded. I loved Priest in the 80s but I could never stomach Holland's lack-luster playing and atrocious drum sound.

Sidenote: I looked up Dave Holland on the internet to see what he's been doing lately and was suprised to find that he is currently in prison for attempted rape and indecent assault of a teenage boy. Presumably they should add terrible drumming to his list of offeneses. And no this is not a joke.
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