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Default Re: What have you had thrown at you on stage.

When I saw this thread I thought, "That's weird. I've never had anything thrown at me." But then I remembered something that happened back in the seventies.

The band I was playing in had a gig on Halloween with several other bands, I think it was Halloween, and before we went on the singer told us that he'd arranged to have some people throw pies at him during the last song. It was a big stage with plenty of crew around so I didn't see how anything could go wrong.

So we're playing the last song and right on cue a handful of girls start throwing pies at the singer. But their aim wasn't very good and one of the pies hit the bottom side of my ride cymbal, exploded all over the place and I had sticky pie all over my drums. There was a big glob of pie stuck to my cymbal.

The thing is I was playing this ride cymbal and it went from sounding like, well, a ride cymbal to sounding like hitting a shovel with a pencil.

As soon as the show was over I ran backstage, changed my clothes, tried to rinse the pie out of my hair (this was way before the days when bottles of water were available) and then went back to get my cymbal. It was pretty much ruined. Sticky crap all over the bottom side. I could have strangled the singer, but he thought it was all hilarious.
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