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Default Re: Did Your Parents Disaprove.

Since I got my first drum kit my parents were really supportive although my grandmother would disapprove:

"Why don't you play violin like your grandfather?!"

To answer the parents approved and thank goodness they did.

I was supposed to learn piano and I now I regret knocking back piano lessons; it would have proved very handy for my drumming :)
My drum teacher...

...told me to buy a keyboard so it would help with my "musicality" (...and so I can learn some keyboard basics), I have one now and I think it is a good idea since I saw my drum teacher bring in the vibes one lesson.

...yes, it does help...

Learning the vibes (ofcourse you have to know keyboard stuff first) helps with precision in drumming, because you have to hit the keys precisely in the right spot (for optimum resonance) with the mallet.
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