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Default Re: Did Your Parents Disaprove.

my parents really tried to talk me out of it for two years before I started. I wouldn't give up the idea of DRUMS. My dad even took me to the music store one day and said I will buy you a guitar right now if you give up drums. I wouldn't so finally after 2 years they let me get a drumset. I could only practice when they were out of the house, but eventually my mom would let me practice when she was home.

I read a quote one time "behind every great drummer, is an equally great mother" This has to be true. I guess eventually they came around or at least my mom did, my mom sent me to lessons, and took me to buy my 2nd drumset.

My dad only came to see my play drums maybe 3 times when I was younger, and he's seen me 3 times in the past year since he has retired.
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