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Default Re: What have you had thrown at you on stage.

I'm the one that did all of the throwing! When I was young, stupid, and strong I would frequently throw sticks at the backs of band mates when they ticked me off with their playing!
I haven't done that in years, I guess that I've grown up a bit. I still feel like doing it from time to time though!
I also threw a stool from the stage at a loud mouth drunk once. I did warn him several times to shut up first. That also was many years ago.
Now-A-Days I just laugh things off and I don't take stuff that bothers me to seriously.
About twenty years ago I began to use meditation to control my anger. It worked!
If any of you suffer from anger management problems, I suggest that you get help learn how to control it. It made my life a lot better.
I kind of like old drums:)
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