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I was in LA and went to the Baked Potato to see the band Volto. Turns out their drummer Danny Carey was sick that day so filling in for him last minute was Glen. He killed it! Amazing! Grooved and soled his ass off and learned their original stuff the day before I guess. I still wonder why I haven't seen more of him.
Volto is a group that usually has Danny Carey and Kirk Covington. Kirk plays keys and sings lead but as a lot of people here know, he's a sick, bad ass drummer so there's a lot of double drumming on this gig.

I found a few more clips of Glen on youtube. Such diversity in the gigs he's done and it's always impressive.
At the Baked Potato with Jeff Kollman:

At Sweden Rock Festival with Impellitteri:

With Elliott Yamin (American Idol) in Tokyo:

A clinic at Guitar Center:
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