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Default Re: What have you had thrown at you on stage.

I feel like I'm missing out on something here, having not dealt with any flying objects personally. I never understood the throwing panties thing. But I often wear jeans and shorts and the logistics of panty removal and projection were beyond me, even if I was that way inclined.

The closest I can think was was the time we were setting up and an angry wife came storming into the pub, screamed abuse at her husband sitting drunkenly at the bar, and threw a beer spill tray at his head. He ducked and it split open the head of the guy sitting next to him.

We feared the worst because the band played fairly twisted music and this crowd were feral, but amazingly they tolerated us. We'd been told that the week before they had physically ejected the band playing there. Maybe they were being chivalrous because of our band's female contingent?

However, after the guy with the head wound got bandaged up he got completely drunk and I expect the concussion didn't help. While we were packing up he started wandering. He staggered into the Bose PA we'd hired and knocked it over. It landed on our singer's flute, which was lying in its open case. Destroyed - bent like a V.

The next week our singer brought her new song in, called Bent Out of Shape :)
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