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Default Re: What have you had thrown at you on stage.

I have never had anything thrown at me but I did see the most awesome reaction following a beer being thrown at a singer whose concert I was seeing....bear with me its a long but hilariously awesome story...I swear to god it is true and one of the coolest things I have ever seen!!!
We were at a Jack Ingram Concert (Jack Ingram is a pretty popular "Texas Music Artist"...Youtube him, he's got some cool stuff) about maybe 5-6 thousand people maybe an outside venue...anyway...we were close to the stage and guy in the first row...obnoxiously drunk, throws a full beer can at Jack...and without flinching he catches it, sets it down and takes his Mic out of the boom mic stand, spins the stand around and throws it down...smacking the guy right in the forehead almost knocking him out...then he steps on the base plate of the tilted mic stand shooting it back to him, grabs it one handed, spins it back around puts his mic back in...picks up the full beer that he had caught, takes a swig and starts singing again...without missing a single beat....almost like he had practiced buddies and I stood and watched in disbelief...coolest thing I've ever seen at a concert. I had always liked Jack Ingram but was never a huge fan...until I saw that!!!
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