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Default Re: Overplaying on Drop - Gavin Harrison/05 Ric?

Originally Posted by K.Howden View Post
I guess you have to take it in the context of what this album was about, which was to show off Gavin and Ric's unique musical ideas so I don't think he necessarily overplayed but I do know what you mean...
These albums really showcase two great musicians, influencing each other and interplaying great. They really get the most out of themselves.
I had to get used to the sound of Ric's voice. He has a wonderful voice and a very specific way of singing which is his own style. Took some time to understand it but I love it.

As the overplaying is concerned, I know what you mean. Because its more technically advanced, it sounds like that. And when it starts to sound advanced, there is always "overplaying" lurking around the corner.

Personally, the second one (Circles) is my favourite. For some reason I think that the arrangements and musical theme's work a bit better on that one. Plus though I find the music more complicated then on the first one, I don't think it's that obvious there somehow.

Gavin just stated in his own topic that they are very slowly working on a new album. Looking forward to it.

Now, hope they tour Europe with this great music. Love to see them at jazz festivals (or opening for porcupine tree)
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