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Default Re: me and my kit

after a bit of humming and hoing... have decided to go with a 21" Armand Ride.

I found the sweet ride just a touch too washy, with not enough stick definition. The armand ride just seems to have a deeper and more complex tone, and it maintains stick definition for longer before washing out totally. It also takes more of a thwack to get it to crash out, so its a bit more ridey (yeah ok.... made up word)

Also all but decided on the Mapex Black Panther Memphis Edition snare.

The UK pricing on its is crazy, and ebay have some brand new ones for 230. Given the maple and walnut shell, with cast hoops and carrying case, its a bargain. Close enough to the thick maple snare id really wanted (but cant justify the extra 200 on)

Pics will follow :)
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