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Default Re: Avenged Sevenfold

Originally Posted by Horizonchaser View Post
Seems your perception of 'amazing' differs from mine quite drastically. There are tonnes of young drummers on Youtube covering that song, and if they can all do it then I doubt the drum part is that special.

99% of drummers can cover anything. But only a select few great drummers can actually MAKE the awesome drumming the others are covering. You know what makes a great drummer? Not the speed or anything like that, or the ability to do something someone has done be4, like following an instruction sheet on how to build a toy helicopter. Its the creativity; being able to write the actual drumming, actually write it, not just play it when someone else has written it. Hell i can play alot of Dream Theatre and A7X stuff, but im not a great drummer, im mediocre at best, but the reason i can do the drumming is because its already been done. Im simply following the arrows when i drum DT or A7X songs.

Everyone think about that ^-^
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