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Default Re: Did Your Parents Disaprove.

I had taken piano lessons since I was 8 years old and desparately wanted to be in the school band at age 9. I was not allowed to join as I was supposedly "too disruptive in class". Finally, in the 6th grade I was allowed...but showed up late to pick instruments. I either wanted sax or drums. All the saxophones were taken. I then asked for drums. I posted in the "introduce yourself" thread that I was not allowed to play drums in grade school band because (and I quote exactly), "Drums are not for girls. Pick something else." That arsehat of a teacher was not even an old geezer...he was in his 30s. Not that I am being ageist, but in 1985 that may have been more understandable with a teacher in his 50s or 60s. I ended up getting stuck with the Baritone (a mini-tuba). How that instrument is more feminine than drums, I will never understand. After two months I got out of it because my cousin gave me her old flute. I hated it, but it was light to carry and easy to play. Still, I was super jealous of all the drummers in band.

I never relayed the story to my family, but two years later, my younger sister also got in band and wanted to play drums. She was told the same thing by the same teacher. She did complain about it at home, but my mother said, "Good! We're no havin' that noisy racket in our hoose! I cannae stick all that banging!" (my attempt at typing a Scottish accent). Really, she should have called the school and defended her daughter's right to play.

Much to my happiness, that teacher was shortly thereafter fired for other reasons. Good!

Fast forward to a few months ago when I was looking at guitars at a music shop with a co-worker at lunch. I wandered up to the drum section and was itching to play. A music studio opened up near me with private lessons. Even though I have no kit, I decided, hell yes, time to learn drums! I have been renting practice time and also have practice pads at home, but may invest in a cheap electronic kit to play in my condo.

As for my folks...well over the holidays I mentioned that they always complain that they never hear from me and that I do not visit enough and how would they like that to change...yes, they would, but what's the catch (how can they read me so well)? Well, they have reluctantly agreed for me to store and play an acoustic kit in their basement crawl space. I cannot wait to buy one. I must say I am REALLY enjoying learning drums. I have been practising like mad every night and cannot wait to improve!
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