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Default Re: Did Your Parents Disaprove.

My parents bought me my first set when I was 5. I used to bang on my uncles drums when we would go to their house for holidays and I think them getting me my own set was to provide peace for the rest of the family. At future family gatherings they would always say..."not here, you have your own drums to play on now" My folks were very supportative, but also wanted me to try other things as well. They knew I was interested in music and I played the violin and upright concert bass in orchestra, and the drums in jazz band. Eventhough I played different insturments the drums were always my one true love affair. I just regret not ever playing in concert band and getting the rudiments down. At the time I never understood nor wanted to play just ONE drum...I wanted to play the whole set...Anyways, thanks Mom and Dad!
"To get your playing more forceful, hit the drums harder"...Keith Moon
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