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Default Re: Did Your Parents Disaprove.

My parents were hugely supportive, and I almost have trouble wrapping my head around how blessed I truly am.

Both my parents are musicians (Moms a keyboardist, and my Dad is an incredible Bass player) and so I didn't really have a chance. heh. now that I think of it, most of my extended family is musical too, so I'm sure that when I have kids they'll be super musical too :)

When I was 5-6 months old, my parents would bring me to church and they (actually only my Mom noticed, my Dad was on stage) noticed that not only was I watching the drummer very intently but I would imitate his actions with some straws. My interest in drumming was most evident when we were eating some time later, and i paused, took my fork and did a perfect rendition of the drummers stroke on a cymbal to get a nice *ting* sound out of my cup. We had a drumset anyways (i think it was an 90's Pearl midrange kit) so my pops took me downstairs and sat me on his lap behind the kit and let me go wild.

After a short while they bought me a miniature drumset (which I still have) and i would play typically for 6-7 hours a day (not rudiments or anything, keep in mind I was barely an infant; I couldn't grasp those concepts yet. as a matter of fact I couldn't count!!).

And here I am 16 Years later and needless to say my kit has expanded and grown with me.

So to answer your question sufc.loyal, no my parents did not disapprove. :)

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