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Default Did Your Parents Disaprove.

My parents, would never allow me drums, let alone have any in the house.

So when i was 17 years, i done what all teenagers do.

I went against their parents words, no matter what they were, and bought a 4 peace Premier Olympic early 1970 drum kit.

The plan was to put them in the back of a van, and when everyone was in bed somehow sneak them into the garage, (then do what with them, dont know, i was a rebelious teenager).

The plan worked well untill, "silly nuts" droped a cymbal outside the house alerting every dog and my dad to my actions.

Was told in no uncertain terms, that i was welcome home whenever i wanted, so long as i did not have my newly aquired drums, and untill time i should F@*K off, with my drums of coarse.

Thats how i started.
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