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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Eddie, it's not just you. Get ready for faster and faster years. When we were aged 2, one year was half of our life! Now, for you, it's an 18th of your life, and the proportion always gets smaller.

You're right, though. Some things never change - like human nature. We still do more or less the same things as we've always done, just with progressively cooler toys :)
Welcome back polly mate :) Yes i suppose proportionally it's that the years become smaller. I also think it's to do with the way you experience life as you get older or w/e.

I pretty much enjoyed the "noughties". I met the girl of my dreams and married her, had the most successful years of both my drumming and "real" careers, and now as the 00s are coming to a close, I'm getting ready to retire and start a new chapter of my life. Every decade seems to get better and better...
That's really cool i'm glad you enjoyed the decade.
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