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Default Re: Overplaying on Drop - Gavin Harrison/05 Ric?

Hi Jonathan,

I think Drop and Circles are great records. I've studied both records in great detail, and have had the great honor of transcribing them both for Gavin and I's upcoming Book/DVD project.

While there are a lot of notes flying by on these albums in comparison to Gavin's work in Porcupine tree, I wouldn't necessarily say that they are for the sake of showing off. This project is indeed a showcase for Gavin and Ric's rhythmic and harmonic prowess, however, as you said, they are great songs. One of the really cool things about this project is hearing Gavin unapologetically "go for" some serious stuff!

The drums certainly have an equal billing on these records, and it certainly is a "sound" that we may not be entirely used to hearing. This is music for the listener. and I think Gavin's playing is completely in context, and brilliant as always.

I may be biased, but that's my 2 cents anyways!

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