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Default Re: Favorite bass player? Only one allowed

Originally Posted by The Bassist View Post
Thanks for that! I haven't heard too much newer KC stuff... I got the earliest albums through Discipline and then just Thrak. I do like that KC song you linked a lot actually, I think I was just turned off by the idea of their main drummer now just using electronic drums (never been a fan of his electronic drum snare sounds) so I never really listened to their newer music. But that was a very nice and interesting song, and it has some great bass lines in it :)
The pundits say that the title track of C of L was the best song on the album and the rest not so good, and I agree. The Power to Believe was a big return to form. Pat Matellotto and Trey Gunn did a great job on that album - this is my fave from it It can't be easy following in Bill and Tony's footsteps so all power to them :)
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