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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by jpekarek
Well I'll tell you what I am doing. I am searching the internet for downloads of Steve Gadd's music and videos clips. Looking through old S&G recordings and listening to the "Clap". The passionate string of conversation here has intrigued me to say the least, the least I can do is learn more about the man!
I spent probably an hour today on iTunes, sampling stuff from his discography. I'm 'only' 36, so a lot of his prime was when I was very young. I think I only got up to 1976 in an hour!

I particularly like the stuff with Bonnie Raitt, ca. 1974 (forget the album title and year, but it is in his discography).

I don't think you'll find any studio recordings of Simon & Garfunkel with Gadd on drums. He seems to only have drummed Live in Central Park for that duo.

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