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Default Re: What's the story behind your user name?

Originally Posted by grannydrums View Post
when i started to look for other people to learn to play with they were surprised when they turned up to find an old woman. I did not want to put people off by starting email and ads with---"hi I am a 60 year old woman" thought most people would not read much furthur. so I decided to get the point over in my user name on musicians websites. And now I have just got used to it. Mind you some people must not look at user names or email addresses because people still got a shock.

My current band do not mind playing with a wrinkly, they are in their 20's and a good bunch of lads. Dont do their image much harm, people do not normally notice who is behind the drums. Often after a gig whilst mingling people are realy surprised when I say I am the drummer, they had not even noticed it was a woman, never mind an older one.
Awesome! How long have you been playing for?
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