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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by jpekarek
I guess I don't know what I'm talking about then, but give me a little credit. I've been playng since the 4th grade, nearly 30 years now, I have played with at least 10 bands, I have had 12 drumsets, I have 2 published albums to my credit, I have won Regional and State championships with my high-school and college jazz bands (1985 and 1988), took 3dr place in a National championship with the Spartan Drum & Bugle Corps, spent an entire evening talking and drinking wine with with Virgil Donatti in Boise '97, I know Deen Castronovo personally and I have never heard of Steve Gadd until a few months ago when I joined this forum.

So call me ignorant if you must, that's OK because I am done with this topic. I guess in my brief 40 years I have grown wise enough to know when an argument has become futile.

So you win, Steve Gadd is the finest drummer in the world. Now if you will excuse me, my 5 year old is trying to kill the cat!
Hi Jpekarek,

You make my point for me: ignorant simply means "unaware of". At LEAST you didn't come in here saying Steve Gadd only has one lick and is overrated.

I share your sentiments, and trust me, nothing I said was directed at you or your participation in this thread. We are the same age, have the same issues (namely children killing family pets), the same credentials (Oregon States here, vs. Washington for you, I gather). I knew people would get reactionary to the word ignorant. I have no problem with your comments because you quite frankly don't know of Gadd, so therefore you didn't say anything really really ignorant about it.

Another great thing about Gadd: you may have never heard of him, but there is no way you have never heard his playing, given how much he has recorded, and your extensive experience in drumming. I assure you, with your track record, you've played something that was recorded by Gadd.

Ask Deen. I'm sure he'll tell you all about Gadd. Deen is great, and should be talked about more on DW ;-) I worshiped Deen when I was a Freshman. I think he was running the snare line at the Salem Argonauts when I tried that guy was intimidating.
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