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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by jpekarek
.......... I have had 12 drumsets, I have 2 published albums to my credit, I have won Regional and State championships with my high-school and college jazz bands (1985 and 1988), took 3dr place in a National championship with the Spartan Drum & Bugle Corps, spent an entire evening talking and drinking wine with with Virgil Donatti in Boise '97, I know Deen Castronovo personally and I have never heard of Steve Gadd ........

Ok - I understand: you are a formula 1 racer (not a go-car Racer beware!!!) and never heard the name Ferrari.

That's ok, but so perhabs better discussing about lawn-mowers , not race-cars - there lies the misunderstanding

( just a question: Buddy Rich - ever heard? - was also a quite good drummer -won no championships, never practiced, but anyway...)

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