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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by DrPowerStroke
Most of the clinic videos I see make me zone out after a minute or so, and don't even get me started about non-drummers.... Gadd is a differnet story, though. He plays stuff that is both technically perfect and groovy like anything. It is just incredibly pleasing to listen to, and I admire him for holding his own against the onslaught of super chops that in my opinion have limited musical value. DPS
I know what you mean. In a way, though, I think it's cooler to see a really young groove-minded guy holding his own against the chops monsters (that 14 minute Keith Carlock clinic vid game me more pleasure than from any I have seen in a long time). It would certainly be more of a psychological challenge to a a younger, less famous drummer. Gadd knows by now that he could play whatever the hell he wanted and people would still worship him like a God. That's why I think it would be interesting to see him try new things.
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