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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.


What irks me is that people think this is ALL he has. Just look at the long list of songs on here that people have posted that are specifically GADD lick free is all I'm saying. Just because Bernhard posted some of his more known licks, and there are several DVDs highlighting his licks, doesn't mean this is all he plays.

Nutha has it right. I'm trying to maybe open people's eyes to the fact there is more to Gadd than 32nd note doubles and linear snare-hi-hat-kick licks. We all have our individual styles. What makes Gadd great, is people know right away "That's Gadd". I have my own style. People don't go "That's Stu".

And Womble, you'll note I took your name out of the quote, so as not to make it personal. I was just highlighting some of the 'lowlight' comments; the ones that best demonstrate that people just don't get Gadd. 50 Ways has to be one of the most perfect and most identifiable riffs to a song ever. I think DogBreath said it best. 50 ways is a song that revolves around the drum riff. It is quite simply, the perfect part for that song. I would bet that every producer and song writer in that room nearly died when they heard Steve lay down that groove.

Even if you don't think it fits, you should still analyze the riff to see there are a lot of bad imitations of it. There are so many subtle things going on in a seemingly simple's vintage Gadd.

The cool thing about Gadd is he is one of the drummers I don't envy because of chops. Frankly, the stuff he plays isn't technically difficult. It is simply pure genius. Like Bernhard said, you can see the notes, he'll show you the notes, he'll show you how to play the notes, and you STILL can't play it right.

I could only WISH to have a lick someday that people immediately identify as being STU.

STU-isms would be cool.

But, I suck, so one can dream.

I have nothing left to say on this issue. This is like trying to convince Bud Light drinkers the virtues of fine wine, or comic book readers about nuances of fine art. You get it, or you don't.
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