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Hubby was switching to VH-1 yesterday inbetween plays in the Superbowl Playoffs and ran across a couple of specials on Rush ... the first was a recent-era live show in Germany, and some terrific shots of Neil, especially from a camera directly above his kit ... I'd love to see more drummers from that angle! ... what impressed me was how much of his drumming wasn't the mind-blowing fast-all-over-the-kit stuff everybody talks about, but just good solid grooves (still all over the kit though). I've always been very intimidated by the speed stuff, but I saw a lot of stuff I could understand, and some of it I think I could even learn.

The second show was an early 80's MTV-type video thing ... music was awesome, video was proclaimed by my Englishman to be "pants"! 8-) The drums were a lot more of the flashy BPM stuff, and I didn't find them nearly as catchy.

To sum up ... I like his recent work, and having seen it in detail, should I ever get a chance for a clinic or a lesson, I think I wouldn't be to initimidated to introduce myself as a fellow-drummer and have a conversation about how he does what he does.
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